John 11:17-44 “Where Have You Been, Jesus”

Two weeks ago, while leading a workshop at Super Saturday, and I noticed someone from my past. “Beverly?” She didn’t recognize me, which is not surprising since I was 26 at the time and looked 18, and she must now be 90. “You taught me how to do funerals,” I plunged ahead. My first funeral, … Continue reading John 11:17-44 “Where Have You Been, Jesus”

Are There Exceptions to the Golden Rule?

I began the week knowing that I would be preaching on love your neighbor, love your enemies, and turn the other cheek. Since Gandhi and Martin Luther King saw our Gospel text as a strategy for nonviolent resistance to injustice, I watched for examples. Last Saturday our Church Vision and Organization meeting moved because the … Continue reading Are There Exceptions to the Golden Rule?

Matthew 5:13-20 “Life Outside the Salt Shaker”

Jesus said we are to be the salt of the earth.  Salt is one of the essential things for life that is often taken for granted and forgotten.  You probably did not think much about salt this week, but consider how often you unknowingly use and need it.  Salt is more than a condiment to … Continue reading Matthew 5:13-20 “Life Outside the Salt Shaker”

Matthew 4:12-23 “What is a Disciple to do?”

What would Jesus do?  WWJD?  I never bought the bracelet, but I do think this is a foundational moral question. If we want to be followers of Jesus.  So, how do you think Jesus would have spent this inauguration weekend?  Would Jesus have attended worship at the National Cathedral on Friday, proclaiming with Franklin Graham … Continue reading Matthew 4:12-23 “What is a Disciple to do?”

Matthew 3:13-17 “From Resolution to Revolution

It’s time to write some New Years' resolutions.  (Get out a pen.)  Where do I start?  How about some exercise?  I make that resolution every year.  (Write down "Exercise four times a week.")  That should do it.   I think it is good to start with the body, if we can't tend the body, how will … Continue reading Matthew 3:13-17 “From Resolution to Revolution

Babies Born in Strange Places

Tomorrow, on Christmas Day, approximately 353,000 babies will be born worldwide, at the rate of one baby every 4.3 second. In one hour of a Christmas Eve service, 15,300 babies will be born while we sing about good news of great joy. Much like our Christmas story, babies come into the world in some of … Continue reading Babies Born in Strange Places

Luke 17:5-10 “Increase Our Faith”

Sermon preaching on October 2, 2016 World Communion Sunday Increase my faith, God. Life is so unfair.  The world is so full of suffering.  There are so much to be done and I don’t know where to start.  I’m tired God, so increase my faith.  I want to understand the point of all this, where … Continue reading Luke 17:5-10 “Increase Our Faith”

Luke 15:1-10 “Lost Together”

Let’s play with the numbers in this parable.  What if not just one sad little lamb is lost and restored to the 99, but rather half the sheep are lost?  What does the shepherd do if only 20 sheep are in view, or 10?  How can you get the flock together again?  Now that would … Continue reading Luke 15:1-10 “Lost Together”

Keep Hope Alive

As the Presidential primaries grind away, I have one conviction left. Despair is not the answer. I could spend my time ranting about the fear-mongering on the right, how big money corrupts the Democrats, and how poorly Sanders faired with minorities as the campaign trail reduced him to shouting slogans. I never expected anyone running … Continue reading Keep Hope Alive

Preaching to the Hometown Crowd

I remember returning to my hometown of Boone, Iowa to preach, after my first semester of seminary in Boston.  I looked out at the congregation, and there were all my former Sunday School teachers and youth leaders.  These were the people that had formed my faith, those who said don’t run in church, and stop … Continue reading Preaching to the Hometown Crowd