Is Atheism an Intellectual Luxury for the Wealthy?

Chris Arnade wrote an interesting article in the Guardian with this title.  I'm fascinated because Chris is an atheist who worked on Wall Street and then became a photographer of homeless people in the South Bronx.  He reveals the humanity of his subjects and their beauty amidst the brokeness in their lives.  In his conclusion … Continue reading Is Atheism an Intellectual Luxury for the Wealthy?

Psalm 23 – “Good Shepherd 3.0”

I had an important moment of clarity last Monday about how I understand myself as pastor and shepherd.  Sarah and I were both attending the Massachusetts Western area “Day of Covenant,” which is annual gathering of pastors and Conference staff for mutual care and discussion about what we see as the big issues of the … Continue reading Psalm 23 – “Good Shepherd 3.0”

Five Scriptures You Won’t Hear at Rick Perry’s Prayer Event | Common Dreams

As a native Texan, I’m used to crazy religion and crazy politics. So, the announcement of Gov. Rick Perry’s plans for “The Response,” a prayer event scheduled for Aug. 6 at Houston’s Reliant Stadium, was not a surprise. via Some prophetic words from a Texas pastor...