Tired of Living on the Edge?

http://www.firstchurches.org/tired-of-living-on-the-edge-of-apocalypse/ Luke 21: 5-19                                                                          Do you ever feel tired because you been walking at the edge of the apocalypse for too long?  Every week it’s either blackouts to stifle more wild fires in California, or Venice is going the way of Atlantis.  Much of Latin America and Hong Kong have been protesting in the streets … Continue reading Tired of Living on the Edge?

How to Survive the Apocalypse

When Jeanne came home from the grocery store with a case of white beans, a case of wine, and candles, she joked, “I am prepared for the apocalypse!”   In general, when we hear about people building bomb shelters, stockpiling canned food, guns and ammunition, we think they are paranoid.  Some days we think they may … Continue reading How to Survive the Apocalypse