Christmas Eve – Be Not Afraid

Be not afraid.  Easier said than done, because life often scares the beejezus out of us.  Just ask Matt Lloyd, a climber who likes to scale ice sheets-for fun!  In a Climbing Magazine article Matt wrote: I was in Vail, Colorado, climbing a spectacular 90-foot curtain of ice…. It had formed a thin, fragile pillar … Continue reading Christmas Eve – Be Not Afraid

Babies Born in Strange Places

Tomorrow, on Christmas Day, approximately 353,000 babies will be born worldwide, at the rate of one baby every 4.3 second. In one hour of a Christmas Eve service, 15,300 babies will be born while we sing about good news of great joy. Much like our Christmas story, babies come into the world in some of … Continue reading Babies Born in Strange Places

John 1: Christmas Eve

I once read a book where the main character was a book.  You might expect it to be boring, for what adventures can a book have.  It was a true story of a special five hundred year old text, known as the Sarajevo Hagganah, which is the little prayer book Jews use when celebrating the … Continue reading John 1: Christmas Eve