Where the Welcome Meets the Road

Sermon on Acts 8:26-40 How did Christianity spread to become the dominant religion of the Roman Empire in the 4thcentury after Jesus?  At this weekend’s Awakening Conference, Bart Erman, author of “The Triumph of Christianity, tried to answer the question.  One school of thought is that Christianity prospered because of its exclusivist and missionary nature, … Continue reading Where the Welcome Meets the Road

Baptism and Belonging

Acts 8:26-40 I have a new theological toy to play with, and after applying to this week’s text in Acts, I have decided it is rather dangerous. Some toys come with warning labels that say the contents are flammable, that they aren’t meant for children under the age of five due to choking hazards, or … Continue reading Baptism and Belonging

Wedding Disasters 101

Wedding hype is out of control.  Bear in mind that I love officiating weddings.  But if you believe that your wedding day is the most important, special day of your entire life, and you will do anything to make it awesome, your likely risking disappointment.  Here is my advice after 250 weddings – don’t get … Continue reading Wedding Disasters 101

A Failure to Party

A wedding invitation arrives in the mail.  You are cordially invited to your second cousin’s once removed daughter’s wedding…in Toledo.  Travel is expensive these days, and you are busy, so you send your regrets and a card wishing them a long and happy marriage, still wondering exactly how you are related.  Now imagine the next … Continue reading A Failure to Party