Mark 6:14:29 “Herod’s Kingdom”

This is my first sermon at First Churches, Northampton. I hope to be a regular writer again now that I have settled at a full-time church position.   Today we begin a holy conversation. That may not be apparent since I am the one with the microphone and doing all the talking. However, preaching should … Continue reading Mark 6:14:29 “Herod’s Kingdom”

Matthew 11:2-11 “Hope over Disappointment”

As Christmas draws near, hope abounds.  Stores offer discounts raising hopes of giving and getting what we want.  Family makes plans to get together, plane tickets are purchased, menus are planned, trees are raised, lights ablaze and our hearts are warmed at the thoughts of a joyful Christmas.  Working in a homeless shelter gives me … Continue reading Matthew 11:2-11 “Hope over Disappointment”

John 1:6-8, 19-28 Advent IIIB

There are so many evocative symbols surrounding John the Baptist in the four Gospels.  Each gospel emphasizes a different point of view about John the Baptist.  Mark and Matthew emphasize the prophetic nature of John, noting that he is out in the wilderness eating locusts and wild honey.  They link John the Baptist’s message to … Continue reading John 1:6-8, 19-28 Advent IIIB