Necessary Losses

You can lose a lot of things. You can lose your mind, your memory or your marbles. Your confidence, self-esteem or your mojo. You may lose your way, your place or you can even lose face; Your reputation, self-respect, manhood or virginity. You can lose sleep, time or your prime. You may also fail, suffer … Continue reading Necessary Losses

Lent 2018 “Hope in Our Captivity”

What binds you and keeps you from your deepest self?  I can make a big list: Distractions, limited thinking about possibilities, self-deception about weaknesses, fear of failure, fear of success, despair, old failures, unresolved guilt, a sense of being powerless in a situation. It is a wonder a make any progress against these foes.  And … Continue reading Lent 2018 “Hope in Our Captivity”