What Was Jesus Thinking about on that Boat?

A few preliminary reflections on Matthew 14 and feeding 5000 people: Any busy, overwhelmed pastor and congregation can relate to this scripture passage.  Like many pastors after Lent and Easter, the Lenten study series, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, the crowds and the energy output, Jesus tries to take a mini-vacation.  He rents a boat, … Continue reading What Was Jesus Thinking about on that Boat?

Jesus Knows His Weeds

Preached on July 23, 2017 I learned more about weeds than I ever wanted to know growing up in Iowa.  I walked the soybean fields pulling weeds as my summer job from age 13.  A wise farmer taught me that all weeds were not the same and could not be destroyed in the same way.  … Continue reading Jesus Knows His Weeds

Advent Preaching: Week One

    Think Fast!  I remember these words from a silly game we played as kids.  Hearing these dreaded words meant when you turn to see what was happening, there was a basketball already headed towards your head and only quick reflexes would keep you from getting knocked in the noggin.  A variation of the … Continue reading Advent Preaching: Week One

Luke 14:25-33 “Counting the Cost: In Honor of Viola Liuzzo”

It feels like the lectionary is one week off. Since this is Gathering Sunday, the week that Church School, Choir and committee work begins again for a new year, it would be perfect to preach the preceding passage in Luke-The Great Banquet. There Jesus compares the Kingdom of God to a banquet where the usual guests refuse to … Continue reading Luke 14:25-33 “Counting the Cost: In Honor of Viola Liuzzo”

September 1 – “Great Banquets are Never Easy”

Being way too early for a New Year's resolutions (or am I too late?),  I am making a Yom Kippur resolution.  Time to come back to weekly lectionary blogging.  Bloomingcactus blog, true to its name, survives without my help, and periodically calls from the wilderness encouraging me to write.  So look for something by Tuesday … Continue reading September 1 – “Great Banquets are Never Easy”