How Do You Enter Jerusalem?

What was it like in Jerusalem on that day we now call Palm Sunday?  Imagine -The energy level is intense as spiritual pilgrims flood into the city for the most holy Passover Festival.  People jostle in packed markets hoping to get a sufficiently large and tender lamb.  A vendor haggles with three customers to the … Continue reading How Do You Enter Jerusalem?

Re-arranging the Holy Furniture

Here’s a great trick question to stump your Fundamentalist/Biblical literalist friends.  When did Jesus go to the Temple and turn over the tables of the money changers?  Most people will say “Palm Sunday” because three Gospels place the story there, but not John’s Gospel.  He has Jesus in the Temple right here in the beginning … Continue reading Re-arranging the Holy Furniture

“Great Suffering”

I do not like this story, but it must be told.  It is the story of turning point in the ministry of Jesus, and it has great effect on any disciple who follows him.  It is a crossroads moment, and something that we all face, often more than once in a lifetime.  Suffering brings us … Continue reading “Great Suffering”

“When the Light Breaks Out”

So Jesus is talking with Moses and Elijah, and I want to know what they were talking about? Was it like clergy meetings where stories are told of difficult people or theology is parsed and argued over? Were they bemoaning the challenges of people who say they are "spiritual but not religious," or wondering if … Continue reading “When the Light Breaks Out”

“Have You Not Heard, Grasshopper?”

Sermon on  Isaiah 40:21-31 Is the sky blue?  Is the Pope Catholic?  Why do people ask questions which they don’t expect to be answered?  Sometimes a question can underscore the point better than the statement of a fact.  For example: “How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man?” The … Continue reading “Have You Not Heard, Grasshopper?”

Its All About the Donkey

Let’s talk about the donkey.  I know Jesus is the big star of Palm Sunday (and every Sunday!) but supporting characters deserve their due.  (After all, it was Gilligan’s Island, not Ginger’s Island.)   I think this should be called Donkey Sunday rather than Palm Sunday.   Here is my case. Tuesday morning I put all four … Continue reading Its All About the Donkey

Necessary Losses

You can lose a lot of things. You can lose your mind, your memory or your marbles. Your confidence, self-esteem or your mojo. You may lose your way, your place or you can even lose face; Your reputation, self-respect, manhood or virginity. You can lose sleep, time or your prime. You may also fail, suffer … Continue reading Necessary Losses

Lent 2018 “Hope in Our Captivity”

What binds you and keeps you from your deepest self?  I can make a big list: Distractions, limited thinking about possibilities, self-deception about weaknesses, fear of failure, fear of success, despair, old failures, unresolved guilt, a sense of being powerless in a situation. It is a wonder a make any progress against these foes.  And … Continue reading Lent 2018 “Hope in Our Captivity”

Jonah: How Great Satire Can Lead us to Discipleship

Here’s how I like to think of Jonah’s story.  This is Homer’s Odyssey of an epic adventure if it was written by Woody Allen, played by Billy Crystal or John Stewart.  This should be the next big epic Bible movie, we’ve had Russell Crowe as Noah and Moses played by Batman, so why not Billy … Continue reading Jonah: How Great Satire Can Lead us to Discipleship

Speak for Your Servant is Listening

I Samuel 3:1-20 Think for a moment about the most important things that have happened in your life.  Were they researched, chosen, and carefully planned?  Did it involve check lists, deadlines and clearly defined targets?  Or did it feel more like something chose you?  On your road to one journey you were sidetracked into something … Continue reading Speak for Your Servant is Listening