Separating Sheep and Goats #MeToo #HimToo?

Sermon preached on Matthew 25:31-45                                                       November 25, 2017 It is not hard to tell a sheep from a goat.  Sheep are large fluffy ones and goats are smaller with the hipster goatee.  You can herd sheep and goats together, because they tend to eat different things.  Sheep like the clover near the ground, and goats … Continue reading Separating Sheep and Goats #MeToo #HimToo?

Matthew’s Guide to Taking Risks

Sermon on the Parable of the Talents Matthew 25:14-30   How you relate to this parable depends on who you relate to among the characters.  If you manage people at work or you are a leader, you may relate to the challenge of entrusting other people with responsibility.  If two out of three people on … Continue reading Matthew’s Guide to Taking Risks

You Have to Walk the Talk

You have to walk the talk.  Do what you say or you lose all credibility.  If your boss says everyone needs to give 110% and be a team player, then goes home early, takes long lunches, and throws you under the bus every time something goes wrong; you don’t believe them.  You are going to … Continue reading You Have to Walk the Talk

What Makes You Great Again

Hear and Do, O People Matthew 22:34-40                                                                               October 29,2017   If you have attended a service in Hebrew, you would hear this prayer, known by its first word Sh’ma., “Sh'ma Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Eḥad - "Hear, O Israel: the LORD is our God, the LORD is One."  It is a practice to say this in the morning … Continue reading What Makes You Great Again

Change Your Questions, Change Your Church Workshop

This posting is sent out with much appreciation to participants in our "Change Your Questions, Change Your Church" workshop at the New England Super Saturday workshop, led by me (Todd Weir) and Sarah Buteux.  The workshop was designed for people to explore together how negative questions can lead to poor decision making, frustration and fear. … Continue reading Change Your Questions, Change Your Church Workshop

The Image is Everything

What is money really?  Did you see the front page picture in the Hampshire Gazette of a man throwing $389 of bills in the air and walking away, and people scrambling to happily pick up.  He said it was a freeing thing to say it is just paper.  Any decent economist will tell you it … Continue reading The Image is Everything

Changing Closed Questions into Open Questions

This passage often leads to a sermon on “separation of church and state” but that is a foreign thought to the text and its original audience.  Ironically when the Pharisees and Herodians get together to entrap Jesus, this is church and state getting together to fight back against an egalitarian movement. Let's talk about people … Continue reading Changing Closed Questions into Open Questions

Wedding Disasters 101

Wedding hype is out of control.  Bear in mind that I love officiating weddings.  But if you believe that your wedding day is the most important, special day of your entire life, and you will do anything to make it awesome, your likely risking disappointment.  Here is my advice after 250 weddings – don’t get … Continue reading Wedding Disasters 101

A Massacre in God’s Vineyard

It’s hard to write a sermon in the eye of an emotional hurricane.  My life isn’t that difficult, but that doesn’t matter when I see angry clouds all around.  I grew up in tornado-ally, so when clouds circle, it’s time to head to the basement.  Which brings me to Monday.  I went through my morning … Continue reading A Massacre in God’s Vineyard

Wild Grapes, Wicked Tenants and God the Constant Gardener

I'm not preaching on October 1, so I'm looking ahead to October 8.  This sermon was preached on World Communion Sunday in 2014.  I think you will find the exegesis on the theme of vineyards in the Hebrew scriptures still very relevant to our current situation.  Todd - With All My Soul. World Communion Sunday … Continue reading Wild Grapes, Wicked Tenants and God the Constant Gardener