After Weeping and Ashes…Easter Joy

John 18:1-20                                                                            April 21, 2019 The earliest Easter artwork, in the 4th century of Christianity, shows two Roman soldiers keeping watch at the tomb, one is asleep and sees nothing, the other is awake and staring at the empty tomb.  I love the mystery in this artistic portrayal.  If you aren’t awake and aware, you … Continue reading After Weeping and Ashes…Easter Joy

Wiping Away Our Tears

Sometimes hot tears need to flow down our cheeks, as our anger burns against the injustice of death, the killing of innocent people, against cruel and senseless violence. We need a good cry, the kind that soaks a box of tissues as we wipe away all the snot from our noses and we taste the salt on our lips. Whether my heart is broken by cancer claiming another person we love, or the crass celebration of “the mother of all bombs” as something good, sometimes we really should not be holding it together.

John 20:1-18 “The Great Resurrection”

This is my 17th Easter Sermon, and I still find it tricky.  We come to this moment each year with a crescendo of hope and excitement, but also with a great theological burden.  What happened?  Was the tomb of Jesus really empty?  Was the resurrection a physical resuscitation of the body, or an apparition seen … Continue reading John 20:1-18 “The Great Resurrection”