“Joyful Disbelief and Still Wondering”

Easter 3B  Luke 24:36-48 (In Eastertide, we have 40 days to reflect on the challenges of understanding the resurrection, and the whatever doubts and complications arrive theologically as we think about if we believe in miracles, are open to mystery, and want to have faith along with our questions.  Consider this part to of dealing … Continue reading “Joyful Disbelief and Still Wondering”

Walking and Hoping With Jesus

Luke 24:13-35 Cleopas and Simon are heading to Emmaus.  They have about two hours for one of the most important human experiences, a long walk with a good friend to figure things out. There is a flow to a good walk together. It begins with relief and gratitude of companionship.  After Easter Jeanne and I took a … Continue reading Walking and Hoping With Jesus

John 20:1-18 “The Great Resurrection”

This is my 17th Easter Sermon, and I still find it tricky.  We come to this moment each year with a crescendo of hope and excitement, but also with a great theological burden.  What happened?  Was the tomb of Jesus really empty?  Was the resurrection a physical resuscitation of the body, or an apparition seen … Continue reading John 20:1-18 “The Great Resurrection”