“Have You Not Heard, Grasshopper?”

Sermon on  Isaiah 40:21-31 Is the sky blue?  Is the Pope Catholic?  Why do people ask questions which they don’t expect to be answered?  Sometimes a question can underscore the point better than the statement of a fact.  For example: “How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man?” The … Continue reading “Have You Not Heard, Grasshopper?”

Luke 7:1-10 Amazing Faith!

Jesus had as many conflicts in Capernaum as the Northampton City Council does.  This was his home base for much of his ministry.  This fishing village of about 1500 is where Jesus called Peter, James, John and Andrew to leave their nets and follow him.  I would say there is some faith in Capernaum.  It was also … Continue reading Luke 7:1-10 Amazing Faith!