What Would the World Be Like Without Forgiveness?    

In theory, we think forgiveness is one of the Best. Spiritual. Ideas. Ever.  In practice, we have our reservations.  Second chances are something we all hope to get.  I have gone through divorce and remarriage, so my happiness is dependent on a second chance.  Second chances, even third, are built into the national pastime-baseball.  Imagine … Continue reading What Would the World Be Like Without Forgiveness?    

September 2017 Preaching Themes

How Community Can Change Your Life I'm a stronger preacher when I have a theme to capture my attention and energy.  This month I'm working on the power of community to change our lives.  Creating vibrant church and local communities is more vital than ever as we feel our national sense of purpose shredded icy … Continue reading September 2017 Preaching Themes

Luke 7:1-10 Amazing Faith!

Jesus had as many conflicts in Capernaum as the Northampton City Council does.  This was his home base for much of his ministry.  This fishing village of about 1500 is where Jesus called Peter, James, John and Andrew to leave their nets and follow him.  I would say there is some faith in Capernaum.  It was also … Continue reading Luke 7:1-10 Amazing Faith!